A spa seat that lets you settle into pure comfort

Experience luxurious, restful, tension-relieving relaxation from any seat in one of our best-selling home spas. Our hot tub seats are designed with our signature Sundance® Spas attention to function and innovation, crafted to deliver ergonomic support while you soak. Whether it’s date night, a cozy party with a few friends, or a boisterous backyard gathering with lots of guests, our hot tubs and spas are engineered to be comfortable for everyone. Enjoy full-body or specialized hydromassage with one or a combination of our seating options below.

Soaking Seat
Ideal for low-impact hydrotherapy
Adjustable controls
Generous support to help maintain posture

Accu-Ssage™ Therapy Seat
Targeted action for neck, shoulders, and back relief
Gentle to more robust settings, for deep-tissue massage
Customized hydrotherapeutic accupressure

Intelli-Jet™ Therapy Seat
Changeable massage without moving from your spot
Two Fluidix™ Intelli-Jets with adjustable horizontal and vertical intensity
Two Vortex™ jets for swirling action

Full Body Lounge
Holistic, ergonomic comfort
Individual jets focus on your feet, calves, hips, back, and shoulders
Select models include wrist jets for better relaxation

Cool-Down Seat
Temperature refreshment and comfort
Adjust gradually before leaving the hot tub
Sit up top while enjoying calf and foot massage below

Visit one of our local Sundance® Spas dealers today to explore our hot tubs in person. Our sales team is on hand to help you find the right spa seats with features best suited to your needs. Browse a wide selection of spa covers and other accessories to create a customized setting perfect for your family.

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