Dramatic spa lights set the scene

The right hot tub lighting can do more than increase visibility and help you stay safe while getting in and out of the water. It can also set the mood for a date, party, or just a quiet night relaxing under the stars. All of our Sundance® spas feature lighting designed for both utility and style, no matter the occasion.


The SunGlow™ LED spa lights of the 880™ Series and Select™ Series® consume less energy than incandescent options, allowing you to choose multi-colored or single-colored backlighting for your in-tub AquaTerrace™ waterfall. The illuminated footwells can also be adjusted for brightness. LED backlit grab bars and status indicator lights come standard on models in this collection, so you can enjoy the best of safety and comfort.

Our 780™ Series of offer SunRay™ LED illumination that you can control via a convenient iTouch panel. The footwells feature improved lighting for greater visibility at night. Select models in this series also come with standard light rings on air controls.

Also, the 680™ Series offers adjustable lighting for a mood you can customize. Set the pinpoint and footwell lights to one color or opt for them to rotate through a spectrum. The LED system uses less than 8% of the energy consumed by more traditional set ups.


Explore our collections to find which models and options best suit your family’s needs. Visit your local Sundance® Spa dealers to see our hot tubs in person, browse our selection of spa covers and other accessories, and get a quote from our experienced sales team.

  • SunGlow™ Lighting System and AquaTerrace™ Water Feature

    • AquaTerrace™ water feature includes colored backlighting with a rotating spectrum or one-color settings.
    • iTouch AquaTerrace controls let you adjust lighting for waterfall and footwell.
    • Illuminated footwell jets reflect jet-driven water and add ambience.
    • Select from three levels of brightness.
    • LED (light-emitting diode) technology consumes less energy than incandescent lights.
    • A double AquaTerrace waterfall is standard in the Maxxus model.
  • LED backlit Grab Bars

    • Enables easy and safe entry and exiting in the evening hours.
    • Lighting synchronized with the spa's interior lighting creating a stunning lighting effect.
  • Status Indicator Light

    • Standard on all 880 series, this logo light appears white when the hot tub has power and all systems are in normal operation, and red when the hot tub requires attention

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