Spa Control


A spa control that does it all.

Our hot tub controls put your home spa’s settings within easy reach. Adjust your temperature, purification, circulation, and hydrotherapeutic jets at will to enjoy the perfect conditions for relaxation. Use the hot tub control panel in your model to customize everything to your preferences or maintain a baseline for everyone in your family to enjoy. You can even preprogram settings to conserve water and energy, so your comfort isn’t negatively affected by high utility bills.

Our control displays are easy to read from any angle and are invertible in select models for added convenience. The iTouch control in the 880™ Series (available with Altamar, Capri, Majesta, and Marin models) features full programmability from the digital touchpad, with backlit LCD display, and microprocessors that monitor your hot tub’s functions 60 times per second. As an additional bonus, you can adjust your in-tub AquaTerrace® Waterfall stream and colored backlighting. The LED display and digital touchpad in the 780™ collection put control of preprogrammed settings at your fingertips. Models in our 680™ Series deliver effortless accessibility and control with a touchpad panel that digitally controls your home spa’s multicolored LED lights, water temperature, and filtration.

Download our free brochure to learn more about the unique controls in our best-selling hot tubs and spas. Visit one of our local Sundance® Spa dealers to explore our high quality products in person and talk with our knowledgeable sales team about prices, financing, and maintenance. Select from a wide range of spa covers and other accessories to create an at-home spa experience tailored to your lifestyle and budget.

  • i-Touch Controls

    • Fully programmable i-Touch control panel
    • Digital touchpad control of all functions
    • Backlit LCD display
    • Advanced microprocessors check all functions 60 times per second
    • Display inverts to read from inside or outside the spa
    • Available on Majesta, Altamar, Marin, and Capri models.
  • AquaTerrace Waterfall Dial

    • Vary stream from full waterfall to gentle cascade with control dial
    • Works independently of jets
    • Features adjustable colored backlighting

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